Personal Injury Claims Solicitors For Tripping and Slipping

If you are looking for a reliable and effective personal injury claims solicitors, you have come to the right place with us! We will tailor a solution to your situation so that you can achieve the best outcome from us. There are broadly three kinds of trip and slip compensation claims:

A) Tripping and slipping claims in a workplace are employers’ liability claims  and reference should be made to the page on “Accidents at Work

B) Tripping and Slipping claims in  a building or on private land  – these claims are often brought under  the duty arising in the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 owed by the one with control of a building or of land to ensure it is reasonably safe for visitors and reference should be made to the page on “Claims involving Land and Buildings

C) This section deals compensation claims for   injuries  sustained  on a pavement highway or footpath – these claims are  brought under the duty to maintain the highway  or against those who have excavated the highway and failed to properly reinstate it.

Why choose a personal injury claims solicitors?

It is necessary to identify the class of footpath – footpaths across private land are in a separate category since persons entering such land under a right of way are not owed any duty of maintenance or repair by the land owner so if you trip on a footpath across  a field which is a public right of way  there is almost certainly no claim. The matter is rather different if it is a highway.

A duty exists on the local highway authority to maintain and repair so if there is:

  1. a defect serious enough to amount to a dangerous defect which has been
  2. present for a reasonably long enough time

Then there could well be a claim.

National guidelines indicate what is likely to be regarded as dangerous. Contact us for more information about tripping and slipping compensation claims in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Market Drayton and Stoke-on-Trent and discover why we are one of the best personal injury claims solicitors.

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