Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed the most commonly asked questions by our personal injury clients.

Have I got a claim?

Sometimes it's easy to see you have a personal injury claim, for instance if someone runs into the rear of your car.
But it can quickly get more complicated! Are they insured? Is the claim against the insurer, the driver or someone else? What if the driver did not stop?
Why worry? We can sort it out for you. We offer a first appointment free and run most claims under no win no fee arrangements.

How long will it take to make a claim?

It is very true that small claims can be dealt with more quickly than large claims since there are less aspects to investigate. Speed is often unhelpful. Would you prefer a rapid £5,000 settlement now or £15,000 next year when the matter can be properly investigated and assessed? Often we have to await the medical recovery so the first question is; when will you recover? Then the question becomes; how well will you recover? Claims of £25,000 or less should take 7 months to 18 months.
Claims of more than £25,000 will take longer.

How much will it cost to make a claim?

If you lose, the answer is generally nothing at all provided you have been honest with us and have co-operated with the claim procedure.
If you win a claim under £25000, you will have to pay a contribution to the costs but our job is to maximise the award and recover for you as much as we can. The contribution to costs came in in 2013 as a Government initiative.
If you win a claim over £25000 the amount that you contribute is much less. You will only have to pay the insurance premium and any success fee which we have charged but we may agree not to charge a success fee at all if your case is strong enough.

See what your claim might be worth

We have set out a range of injuries and awards for those injuries in our handy claims calculator. These are not all you can claim for however. Click on "read more" below

Take a look at our services

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