Road Traffic Accidents

Road Traffic Claims

These claims  can range from the simplest whiplash claim to a complex multiple injury claim involving serious and life changing injuries. We can handle all types of personal injury compensation claim for you.

Lower value claims  worth less than £25000  are dealt with through a Ministry of Justice Claims  Handling “portal”. It is a secure website with its own pre-action protocol set up in 2010 and extended  in 2013.

The things to watch out for with road traffic claims are the following;

  1. Third Party capture. This is where the insurer of the driver who caused the accident  offers to sort your claim out for you because you will recover more compensation if you do not use a lawyer. This is a fallacy. The duty of the employees of an insurer are to the insurer and the insurer owes a duty to its policyholders and share-holders to minimise claims to which it is exposed. We have acted in claims where third party capture has been attempted and we have recovered sometime 10 times the compensation on offer before we were instructed.
  2. The Referral Fee Merry-Go-Round. This occurs where your own motor insurer or a linked legal expenses insurer offers to refer you to their panel of claims handlers/lawyers/solicitors to obtain redress for your injuries and other uninsured losses. This referral is made not in your interests but in their interests because they  earn a fee from the referral they make.  Referral fees paid on an individual referral were made illegal in 2013 but they work around the regulations by making block referrals and using off-shore referral companies.

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