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Time and time again we see clients who have been persuaded into using firms distant from their home location. Meetings become impossible unless the client or the Claims Handler (as they are called) is prepared to travel. Factual information about the personal injury is obtained by questionnaire. Advice about funding may be sub-contracted to a door to door sales person and the client is then offered a factory processing service with pro-forma information sheets not tailored to the client’s case. Often, they even use a sub-contractor to obtain the medical records and obtain a medical report.

This is the format adopted by many insurers who handle claims and by many claims managers who are often no more than mere advertising companies gathering claims to sell to the highest bidders.
Not us. We use solicitors to advise about funding; solicitors to see the client to obtain a statement of fact ourselves; solicitors to obtain the medical notes ourselves; solicitors to decide which doctor to instruct; solicitors to instruct that doctor ourselves; and solicitors to see the client and advise with letters tailored to claim circumstances. From start to finish with local solicitors.

It could not be better or simpler!

So use the contact form on this website and we will be in touch with you to set up a free meeting.

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