Fatal Accidents

Fatal Accident Claims

Where a loved one dies by reason of injuries sustained in an accident,  compensation claims can be brought

  • Under the Law Reform Act 1934 for pain and suffering between accident and death and for the costs of the funeral
  • Under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 for bereavement if the claim is brought in respect of a spouse or in respect of an deceased unmarried child
  • Under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 for compensation for loss of dependency – these claims are brought by those who were prior to death financially dependent in some respects on the deceased.

Complexities arise where a living  claimant has a reduced life expectancy by reason of the injury and the choice is then to bring a lost years claim for loss of income and benefits for a living claimant  in the “lost years” or to run a fatal claim for dependency after death.

Unless there is financial dependency claim,  a fatal claim can be surprisingly modest and these claims often do not reflect the pain suffered as part  of the grieving process for those left behind.

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