Criminal Injury Claims

Injuries Received through a Crime

Injury claims received through a crime of violence are in their own category, though such claims can still be funded by no win no fee arrangements.

These claims are brought against a Government agency known as  the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). We  have handled simple £1000 claims to claims over £1million over the years but the upper limit is now £500,000 which is not enough for a claim involving life changing injuries. For example, “shaken baby” cases are worth much more than the upper limit if there is profound brain damage.

There are certain fundamental requirements to succeed the most important of which is co-operation with the police which is the only way the CICA can investigate whether the attack ever occurred.  It must also be established that the victim did not encourage the assault  and a victim with a clean criminal record generally fairs better than one with a string of convictions.

What is the process for criminal injury claims?

These injury claims take a good 24 months or so to process by the CICA so patience is necessary.

Claims can in certain circumstances be re-opened . In 2015 we re-opened  a 2006 assault claim and recovered three times the compensation for which the injury claim was originally settled by a victim acting without representation. It is therefore always preferable to retain us to deal with your claim for you.

To learn more about if we can help you with your criminal injury compensation claim, then please get in touch with a member of our team.

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