Making Compensation Claims? We Use Compensation Levels To Get The Best Result

We have to assess the extent of your personal injuries and if and when you are likely to achieve a full recovery along with our compensation claims. We do this by obtaining your medical records and one, but often more than one, medical report. In road accident claims any first report on soft tissue injuries sustained by a vehicle occupant is a fixed cost report. In other cases the position can be tailored to the needs of the case.

When we know what the medical position is, and the injury and its effects are clear we can then value the claim based upon decided cases and judicial guidelines, and investigate whether there are any other losses. It is the other losses which can really drive up the value of the claim and we can include claims for housework needs, gardening costs and in more serious cases, housing provision and round the clock nursing care. We can also claim for adaptations to vehicles, disability scooters and other necessary equipment such as easy-access showers and baths.

We actively encourage our clients to participate in rehabilitation through the use of an external rehabilitation provider which can provide treatment outside of the NHS, funded by insurers.

We load 10% onto the injury claim after the 1st April 2013 to offset the deductions imposed on our clients by the Government as contributions to the cost of no win no fee agreements.

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